New this week: Keyboard Shortcuts, multi-sprint insights and in-app customer support

For this week’s release we continue bringing on new features to help teams take productivity to new heights: introducing keyboard shortcuts for task modal, multi-sprint insights, and in-app customer support to enable fluid collaboration for software teams.

Navigate Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

As promised, we are introducing keyboard shortcuts for the new task modal, which can drastically reduce the time spent on manual actions. Instead of having to hover the mouse back and forth, users can now update task details using only a few keystrokes. Simply press ‘S’ to update your task status, ‘E’ to update efforts, or ‘C’ to assign it to new collaborators.

We’ve also updated the design of the task modal to show the keystrokes on the left.

Introducing Multi-sprint Insights

Starting today you will be able to view previous/upcoming sprint reports using the arrows located at the top of each report. This feature offers users full insights into how their teams are driving the work towards completion and better understand development velocity for each sprint.

To access these insights, just hit the sprint progress button in your left nav bar.

New In-app Customer Support

Wondering where to go when you need live support? We’ve implemented in-app chat to help users contact Tara for support, feedback, and bug reports. Whether you need help with your account, want to ask questions about sprints or report an issue, simply click on the chat box icon at the bottom right corner to connect with team Tara. We’ll get back to you right away!

Invite Your Friends to Tara with Public Email Domains

You can now invite co-workers and colleagues who don’t have the same work email domain – including public email domains such as Gmail – to your org. Simply hit the invite button in the left nav bar, and invite away!

Other Improvements

  • Updated task titles: no more scrolling back and forth- users can now see the full task title in the dashboard.
  • Deep Link to Tasks: users will now be able to “deep link” a task- meaning they can directly copy and paste a task URL to display it in a separate tab.
  • New update to the homepage PR table: introducing a new updated UI, allowing users to easily click on the pull request on Github.
  • Locked backlog navigation: the backlog column will now be locked as users scroll horizontally between sprints, delivering full visibility into tasks inside the backlog bin as well as each sprint column.

Important Fixes

  • Duplicated imported Trello tasks: imported Trello tasks were previously stored in both the backlog and the Trello bin. Our team has fixed this issue: the imported Trello tasks will only appear in the Trello bin from now on.
  • Errors with importing Github issues: we have converted the Github issues into plain text during the import process to avoid errors caused by markdown incompatibility.
  • Improved task creation performance: we have made significant improvements to the task creation process, allowing immediate display of newly created tasks on the dashboard.

We would love to hear your thoughts – share your feedback on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to revisit next week for more exciting updates on the product!