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  • Introducing Development Activity

    New: Discover the size and velocity of your team’s Development Activity

    This week, we’re releasing a brand new view in our development insights suite to help teams keep track of their progress and productivity: the Activity page. It’s a powerful visualization tool that presents an overview of size and velocity of development activity.

  • Monitor PR health

    Introducing PR Cycle Time: More Visibility Into Your Team’s PR Health

    This week, we’re excited to announce the second feature in the automated engineering insights suite: PR Cycle Time. This feature provides valuable insights into the health of your pull requests (PR), allowing you to identify blockers in the development cycle, improve your PR workflow, and accelerate your engineering velocity.

  • Streamlining Your Development Cycle with Deployment Frequency

    We’re excited to announce the first feature in the automated engineering insights suite: Deployment Frequency. This dashboard gives you more visibility into your development environment and the flow of code in between, delivering a new level of transparency and operational efficiency to your workflow.

  • Introducing automated engineering insights

    Announcing automated engineering insights

    8 out of 10 engineering managers use spreadsheets to track engineering efficiency, delivery, capacity and project status. And it’s painful. Business goals are far removed, reporting is manual and lagging and there’s no real-time syncing with Github or Jira. Today, we’re announcing a new way to maximize engineering impact and scale product delivery, using your…

  • Software Test Plans: A Complete Guide with Templates

    Running software tests without a proper software testing plan is a recipe for disaster. Without a test plan, it can be challenging to streamline the testing approach and ensure all product areas are tested adequately. That means it’s harder to ensure any product issues are identified and fixed before the software goes live. And, without…

  • Measure DevOps Team Performance with These Critical DORA Metrics

    The DORA metrics were developed by a Google team after more than five years of research. Today, these metrics are used by development teams across the world to measure performance. You’re going to find this article useful if you’re still not sure what these metrics are and how they can help you improve your team’s…

  • Lead Time vs Cycle Time in Kanban: A 2023 Guide

    If you’re familiar with agile methods, then you’ve probably heard of lead time and cycle time. They are common time-tracking metrics that can easily be confused. Project managers use these metrics to monitor and improve the productivity and efficiency of their teams and processes. While the lead and cycle time have a lot in common,…

  • How to Draft a Software Development Agreement

    A software development agreement is a contract between a developer and a client. The developer commits to building a software application for the client under established and agreed terms.  Before working on any software development project, it’s vital to have a clear and legally binding agreement in writing. A software development agreement protects both you…

  • How to Estimate Story Points in 6 Steps for Improved Agile Planning

    How awesome would it be if development teams could just look at a user story and immediately provide a definitive figure of how long it would take to complete it? That would be pretty cool, right? Everything else, from sprint planning to budget estimates and feature releases, would run smoothly. Unfortunately, effort estimation in the…

  • Types of Requirement Traceability Matrix (Uses &  Examples)

    Did you know that the lack of proper requirement validation is one of the most common causes of project failure?  According to a ResearchGate study, improper documentation, validation, and management of requirements are among the leading causes of most project failures. How can you avoid this, you wonder? By using the requirements traceability matrix or…

Featured Templates

Downloadable Templates to get your product and engineering teams kickstarted.

  • sprint planning template

    Sprint Planning Template for Modern Agile Teams

    Sprint planning is one of the four Scrum ceremonies. It’s held at the beginning of every sprint to define the goals and backlog while keeping the team in sync.  💡What is sprint planning? ›› Since sprint planning is crucial for a successful sprint you need to be able to improve the flow of information, save…