Update: Drag & Drop for GitHub Issues

This week we’re introducing some new task-centered features, among other improvements, for a more efficient workflow with Github issues.

GitHub Issues into Sprints

GitHub issues are imported as tasks under the repositories bin in the Work drawer, and can be easily dragged + dropped into your sprints. This update means you can now drag + drop all unplanned tasks from the Work drawer into your sprints, simplifying the planning process even further.

We’ve also resolved issues with over-rendering when any collapsible bins are expanded. This means that tasks will load even faster when a bin is opened in the work drawer.

Creating Tasks in Sprints

Small, quick tasks that come up during the week can be added directly to your sprints. Similar to the Work drawer, hovering between two existing tasks in a sprint will reveal a purple (+). Use this feature over the backlog for lone tasks that need immediate attention.

New Workspace Dropdown

When switching workspaces, each organization will see a different view based on their plan. All team members will be able to access their workspace plan, settings, and other workspaces if applicable.

Bug Fixes & Under the Hood Improvements

  • Fixed a shadow box issue on the define page for Safari users
  • Fixed the landing page when exiting the checkout to the pricing page
  • Fixed task titles cutting off in define mode
  • Fixed false search query message
  • Added an arrow indicator to the profile settings menu
  • Added sprint selector to the task details panel
  • Added improvements for Tara Intelligent Machine
  • Added an updated link to the API docs on the integrations page

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