Improved Multi-editor Requirement Experience

Getting your team/s aligned on features and releases is no easy feat. Outlining and delegating requirements and tasks gets especially tricky with input from multiple team members. This week, we’re introducing multi-player editing for requirements and tasks, and improved saving functionality across the board.

Keep reading to learn more about how it works, amongst other improvements from the week.

Multi-Player Editing

Tara lets you write documents, specs or features in the form of requirements. We heard from you, that your teams wanted the ability to edit concurrently, during a zoom or a conference call. With this update, multiple team members can write requirements or tasks , and view save notifications, at the same time.

When multiple users have the same editor open, they can now see save notifications, and know that multiple editors are editing the requirement.

If your work cannot be saved at the time due to network errors or a slower internet connection (or because your bandwidth is being used up by video conferencing) you will now have the option to save updates as a new document instead.

Also, you can use @mentions to tag teammates in requirements, or to bring attention to a specific area in the doc.

Upon being mentioned, your teammates will receive notifications via email or, if they have already integrated Slack with Tara, via the Tara Slack app. The Tara Slack integration also lets you know when a new requirement is made, when you’ve been assigned to a task, and stats from your completed sprint.

Bug Fixes and Under-the-Hood Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with pasting longer text into task box

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