The All-New Drag and Drop

Last week we launched our biggest update yet, packed with a slew of highly requested features. With Tara AI 2.0, we introduced a UI makeover, instant responsiveness, and automated workflows to your growing teams. Thanks to your immediate feedback, we are able to continue polishing our app while you keep focus on shipping at light speed.

For this week’s release we’re sharing some new 2.0 features you might have missed, along with a hefty list of fixes and improvements.

The Sprint Details Panel

Selected sprints will now be revealed in the details panel, located to the right of your sprints. Plan smarter with sprint insights such as overload alerts, set weekly goals and objectives, and easily filter tasks by status. Auto-sprint settings can also be adjusted in the sprint details panel.

Like sprints, tasks and requirements will also be revealed in the details panel when selected. The panel’s location means you can edit task details with a clear view of the week’s work. You can also organize projects by assigning requirements to specific teams, or archive a requirement if it is no longer in use.

Drag and Drop in the Work Drawer

The new Work drawer brings all your tasks, requirements, and issues together in one place for increased visibility across multiple pages. Since multiple projects can be viewed at once, drag and drop sprint planning and prioritization is easier than ever before.

Bring your organization to the next level by rearranging tasks within the drawer itself. Reorder tasks between requirements, or move new ones in from your repos, imports, or backlog.

Attach Multiple PRs to One Task

Workspaces taking advantage of our integrations already know how powerful our Git sync is. Linking Git data to a task lets you track your team’s progress in real-time, while auto status updates simplify your workflow so you can focus on building.

Now, we’re introducing the ability to sync two or more PRs to one task. You’ll be able to track the open or closed status of each connected PR. Once the last open PR is merged, the task will auto-complete as normal.

Once again, we’d like to thank our community for showing so much love and support as we continue to grow and improve. Please keep the feedback coming and stay tuned- there’s more on the way soon!

Bug fixes and Under the Hood Improvements

  • Fixed jumping sprints issue when switching between teams or the sprints page
  • Fixed inability to assign subtasks
  • Added task modal back to progress and home page
  • Fixed issues with the task details panel
  • Fixed Trello import subheader
  • Updated default selection to first requirement on define page
  • Fixed sorting for imported repos
  • Fixed issue with Stripe incorrectly counting active users
  • Added full task editor when accessing single task page

Have a comment or question about Tara AI 2.0? Join the conversation on our official Discord server, Git Ship Done, or tweet us at @taradotai!