Introducing commenting and chat.

In this big release, we’re excited to announce the much-requested task commenting feature, in-line images for the text editor, drag and drop for sub-tasks, and more.

Collaborating Better with Task Comments

Users will now be able to share comments with team members, enabling a fluid collaboration experience for teams as they collaborate on tasks, commits and pull requests. As users open a task, they will see a new section on the right hand side where they can leave comments and communicate with teammates (spoiler alert: team tagging is coming soon- stay tuned!)

task commenting and chats

Email notifications will be hitting our next release, and we would love to hear from you on how you expect commenting to evolve. Feel free to share feedback as you use this feature!

Introducing In-line Images for Text Editor

You can now add in-line images within the text editor by dragging files directly from your local folder or simply copying and pasting. This feature works in both requirements and tasks.

inline images for text editor

Re-ordering Your Subtasks with Drag & Drop

Starting from this release, users will be able to arrange their subtasks by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.

Updating Effort Unit

Agile teams have different ways to track their effort. We thought long and hard about the best ways to do effort estimation, and we will be continuing to improve on this front. To enable flexibility for teams, we are introducing the ability to toggle between effort units. Simply navigate to the bottom left avatar, select My Workspace, and choose between Days, Hours, or Story Points.

Once you’ve updated your setting, your tasks and upcoming sprints will reflect this change.

Note: Days is the default effort estimate unit.

effort unit toggle

Other Important Improvements

  • (Fixed) Task modal scrolling issues
  • (Fixed) Missing effort levels after task migration.
  • (Fixed) Sprint completing notifications
  • Improved Git task data load performance

…and more!

Try out these new features and let us know your thoughts- in the comment section below or send us a tweet @taradotai. And don’t forget to tune in next week for more exciting updates from Tara!