Introducing Trello task import, new sprint completion modal, and more!

The past few weeks have been a challenging time for everyone as the pandemic situation continues to evolve. Our team has shifted to remote work to navigate social distancing, which is a drastic change to our daily rhythm. Yet, we continue to bring 100% of our fervor and craftsmanship to our home office to help teams stay aligned, collaborate, and continuously move forward during this tough time.

In this latest release, Tara is making another step towards bringing informed development to teams: introducing new Trello task import, sprint completion modal, and more.

Keep Your Tasks in One Place with Trello Task Import

You asked, we listened! We’ve seen repeated requests from teams that store their tasks on Trello and understood the pain of manually inserting data into other platforms. Starting today, you will be able to import your Trello boards and related tasks into Tara in four simple steps. Just select Integrations, choose Trello import, upload your Trello board (in CSV), and wait for the Tara magic to happen.

This new integration will allow your development data from Trello to be stored in Tara without the risk of missing out important information during the transition. Less time adding, more time building for your team.

New Sprint Completion Modal

What’s better than clicking on that “Complete” button and get a full view of what your team has achieved? In this release, we are introducing the new sprint completion modal, which includes more stats about the sprint, such as the number of commits as well as closed PRs. You can also select where to move the remaining sprints before closing the current sprint.

Improved UI for Sprint Progress Timeline

We made some adjustments with the sprint timeline to enable a complete view of task titles, allowing teams to identify tasks at a glance.

Other Improvements

  • Quick Access to Current Sprint Progress: we also launched a new main navigational entry point to give users access to the current sprint progress in one click.
  • Updated UX for backlog column: when all the tasks within a requirement have been assigned to sprints, the requirement will be automatically hidden, allowing users to effortlessly search and browse requirements with pending tasks.
  • Task Search in a Requirement: no more scrolling back and forth- our new search bar allows users to easily retrieve a task inside a requirement.

Important Fixes

  • Requirement Creation Error: some user issues with requirement creation were resolved.
  • Missing Tasks from the Homepage: having trouble with missing tasks? Our team has fixed the issue where tasks for the current active sprint did not show up on the homepage.
  • Flashing Tutorial Cards: some users encountered the issue where homepage tutorial cards would flash momentarily even when they have been dismissed. This will no longer happen with this new update.

Try out these new features and let us know your thoughts- in the comment section below or send us a tweet @taradotai. And don’t forget to tune in next week for more exciting updates from Tara- our team is working hard to help teams stay productive and connected, no matter in-office or at home.

Stay safe everyone!