Artificial Intelligence Panel Featuring Tara AI at Thrival Innovation Festival


Our co-founder, Iba Masood joined another expert panel on the role of AI ethics and policy in shaping our future. The panel was part of the core programming at Thrival Innovation Festival in Pittsburgh, a 2-day festival examining the future of society through the intersecting lens between humans and technology.

The Panel

The AI panel Tara AI participated in took place in collaboration with XPRIZE and was moderated by Ted Sarvata from Concerning.AI. Along with Iba, the other panelists on stage were David Danks, L.L Thurstone Professor of Philosophy & Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, Amrit Dhir, Global Operations at Google for Entrepreneurs, Jana Eggers, Chief Executive Officer at Nara Logics, and finally, Sean McGregor, Technical Lead at XPRIZE.


A controversial topic addressed during the panel was the potential eradication of jobs with AI and automation. Tara AI’s unique approach to recruitment stems from our mission of building a meritocracy in the software development space. At Tara AI we’ve seen that automation in the job market has certainly not resulted in a zero-sum game. Automation is causing a shift in job requirements and skills needed, much like the invention of electricity in the 1800s and smart computing in the late 1900s. As Iba argued at the panel, people, governments, and society should consequently be pragmatic when viewing the problem. Pragmatism means working on updating the skills needed for a knowledge and freelancing economy.