Tara AI is now in the Github marketplace (for free!)

The Github Marketplace is a great way to find tools that extend Github’s functionality and help improve your workflow. Today, we’re excited to announce that the Tara app is now available in the GitHub Marketplace!

Syncing Github and Tara

If you are using Github as your central source code application, you can install Tara’s native Github application into your team’s workflow. Tara will begin tracking your repositories and integrating existing commits and pull requests, making sure that all of your GitHub data will automatically populate in your team’s workspace.

  • Sync or import your issues once you connect your Github profile and grant permission to repositories
  • Easily view aged or blocked PRs that require your attention
  • See smart views for commits within your sprint cycle
  • View PR and branch data by task
  • Bi-directional sync helps tasks and issues sync as you move through sprints.
  • More coming soon.

Pricing is free for public and private repos, personal and organization accounts. And for an unlimited number of users.

With Github and Tara synced, you can now seamlessly move projects, requirements and tasks to release as your team sprints through the weeks ahead.

Need help? check out our product guide for tips on getting started.