Tara AI GitHub app

After months of hard work, we’re excited to share some updates to our Github app! With thousands of installs, we’re now featured as one of the top ranking apps for product delivery in the Github marketplace. One-click and your entire Github workflow is synced with Tara, from requirements to release. Here’s what’s new:

Real-time syncing to Github issues

The app syncs to Github issues, repos, commits & PRs in real-time. Your Github issues show up as Tara tasks, and are consistently synced without needing to ever refresh. The sync is also bi-directional, which means updating tasks in Tara, updates Github issues in real-time, and vice versa. The real-time sync works with multiple Github repositories.

GitHub issue sync with Tara app
Updating tasks in Tara, updates issues in Github in real-time.

Run sprints with Github issues

Sync your github issues to plan sprints, and manage issues across multiple repos and teams.

Plan sprints with GitHub issues with Tara GitHub app
Syncs to your Github workflow and helps your teams collaborate on product in one platform.

Github statuses, by team member

Once your Github repos are connected, Tara will automatically pull CI updates, merged statuses and number of commits for every Github issue and task. With the progress view, your team can run standup, or discover the true status of a task or issue. You can also quickly figure out where your team is blocked, and click into the task to view the pull request.

View blocked pull requests by syncing with GitHub
Run daily standup with built-in views that show where tasks and issues are blocked with CI updates.

No more manual status updates

No more manually updating statuses on tasks or issues. Tara syncs to your github pull request workflow to automatically update statuses, so developers can focus on programming vs managing tickets.

Sync tasks to GitHub pull requests
No more manually updating statuses on tasks or issues.

Merging PRs faster = faster delivery & releases

Get notified on idle pull requests and unblock your team. Everyday, once your Github repos are connected, Tara will send notifications on blocked or idle pull requests that require your attention. We cover this feature in more detail here.

Blocked pull requests report
Get notified on idle pull requests and unblock your team.


You can now start a 14 day trial for our Github app on your organization or profile. Here’s how the plans work:

Free $0

For individuals just getting started with their product

  •  Two-way issue sync with Github and Tara
  •  Create tasks and subtasks with effort planning
  •  Write requirements, specs and sprints
  •  1 synced repo, and up to 1 team per workspace

Premium (Free Trial) $8/per user/month

For growing startups, looking to manage work across teams with synced github issues across multiple repos

  •  Smart reports on team blockers & Github insights
  •  Unlimited tasks & requirements
  •  Up to 20 synced repos & up to 500 synced open issues
  •  Automated sprints & quick search

Co-pilot (Free Trial) $15/per month

For growing companies, looking to automate product & engineering updates across their organization.

  •  Automated task status changes with your pull request workflow
  •  Smart sprint predictions based on team effort
  •  Up to 50 synced repos & unlimited synced open issues
  •  Multi- team progress reporting

More to come on our Github app, as we work to help teams with product delivery!