New: Tag teammates with @mentions

In the last few releases, our engineering team has been focusing on launching new integrations to help your team move faster in product development. This week’s release is all about promoting fluid collaboration with @mentions.

@Mention teammates in requirements, tasks or comments

You can now @mention your teammates:

  • Inside a requirement,
  • In the task description or
  • in the comments section

If you are writing a requirement or a spec, and a certain section needs the attention of an engineer, simply @mention them in the paragraph, and they receive a notification. Same goes for tasks, and comments.

Upon being mentioned, your teammates will receive notifications via email or, if they have already integrated Slack with Tara, via the Tara Slack app.

*** If you have not enabled Slack integration, please see this Product Guide article for instructions on how to connect with Slack.***

We hope that this feature will come in handy for teams with multiple folks, helping them stay informed and fully focused during the development process.

Other Important Improvements

  • (Fixed) Workspace deletion crash
  • (Fixed) Error in the second step of task creation
  • (Fixed) Frozen onboarding screen after creating a task with space as title
  • (Fixed) Failed invites caused by failing Gitlab integration preview

Try out the new features and leave us your feedback on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to revisit next week for exciting updates on the product– more surprises are coming!