Release log – December 3, 2019

One view to rule them all – Tara brings informed development to your team

Software teams know the pain of constantly looking for the “source of truth” for a development project. Tara’s latest release starts solving this problem by creating a unified view of everything your team needs for new development in one place.

Tara's requirements view showing a list of tasks

Tara puts your team’s user stories, requirements, specifications, designs, product documents, and more into a single view. This removes barriers like lost links and outdated documents. If you’ve ever started to build the wrong thing because you had an outdated document link, you know this pain well.  

Your team can create and assign tasks to add all the elements of your next feature or application in this view.

Example: changing requirements based on research

Your team is testing early design prototypes during development and you find big pain points. In Tara, you can update the designs and keep the whole team informed.

The design lead creates a new task to update the design document and adds specific follow up comments for the rest of the team. The product manager sees the comments from design and responds.  They’re all working from one unified story that is consistently up-to-date as it moves through the development life cycle.

Soon you’ll be able to link or attach external documents for anything Tara can’t import. Eventually, Tara will connect, import, or attach everything your team uses so they can create a clearly understood path for new development. 

Tara, we’re building the platform for modern product development!