Release log – January 21, 2020

Over the holidays we were busy polishing up Tara and getting ready for your team to join our early access program. 

GitHub integration 

We improved our authentication flow with OAuth adoption which sets the stage for two way syncing with GitHub. Then we got to work improving how we import users, issues, and pull requests to be sure we’re importing and displaying all the user details properly.

New text editor 

We also built a better WYSIWYG editing component to give you a better text entry experience for every field you use to add descriptions and details. It also gives us more flexibility in how we create and use text fields and forms. 

Sweeping and polishing 

We cleaned up our own tasks making them less attached to other objects and more free to move to different areas of Tara. We gave you more places to create a task so you don’t have to switch context to add a task. 

We polished our fonts, borders, and other design elements which will improve usability for everyone.

Slack on the way

We finished several important tasks to integrate with Slack and add more ways for you to collaborate with your team. Stay tuned, this is exciting stuff.

We are very excited about what’s coming in 2020 and we hope you are as well. 

Release notes

Every week we’ll share what we’re adding and what we’re fixing so you always know what’s happening in Tara.

Feature work

  • feat: Requirements Builder Layout 
  • feat: Add author to imported GitHub tasks 
  • feat: Requirements 
  • feat: Import GitHub users for pull requests feat: connect Tara account with GitHub account 
  • feat: Ensure task metadata supports tasks that have no relationships with Requirements and Products 
  • feat: Create task function on the Backlog page 
  • feat: Implement Github OAuth flow
  • feat: Slack webhooks 
  • feat: Replace Markdown component with SlateMarkdown component 

Bug Fixes

  • style: Fix the login page fonts and add a bottom border to login inputs 
  • fix: Fixed auto-logout on refresh bug introduced in
  • test: ensure dates are always the same in Storybook 
  • fix: Fix migration errors 
  • fix: Github import/export loop on task creation 
  • fix: Menu pushing elements 
  • fix: Typescript console warnings on SprintsLayout, update Backlog query 
  • fix: sprints height