Release log Jan 28, 2020

This past week was all about making everything in Tara work reliably for every user and laying the groundwork for more features. We focused on improving our integrations and interactions while also adding a few touches of functionality. 

Early access

We started welcoming a round of early access teams to Tara. Welcome to everyone!  If you’re a small independent team or start-up we’ll be opening up early access invitations soon!


We built the foundation a couple of weeks ago and now we’re making sure you can find everything you need to build effective requirements. 

Design and polish

Our design team and front-end developers are hard at work making everything you use clean and easy to understand. Simplicity and ease of use are key principles for our designers. 

Release notes

  • feat: connect slack account
  • style: add empty state to requirements list table
  • feat: requirement builder menu
  • feat: Integrations page GitHub repos
  • feat: Add task count and description to requirement spec builder
  • feat: add delete task to task drawer and refactor styles and width
  • feat: Check if Github is installed on SprintDetails page
  • feat: Remove GitHub button from backlog page
  • feat: Requirement Builder 
  • feat: Fix Integration forms
  • feat: sync slack account
  • feat: empty sprint screen
  • feat: sprint backlog task creation

Bug Fixes

  • fix: Sync backend and frontend for Email function
  • fix: requirement description duplicating in task descriptions
  • fix: push tooltip on navbar to the right
  • fix: title and description for tasks in feature drawer
  • fix: Add optional chaining to user variable 
  • fix: added error handling to requirement component
  • fix: cleanup of Onboarding
  • fix: removed unused component
  • fix: Upload for requirements and task drawer 
  • fix: Requirement description not saving 
  • fix: styling for Slate elements