Release log Feb 6, 2020

This week was a big one for increasing usability with cleaner navigation, avatars for scannability, and solidifying our workflow by focusing on requirements for planning and sprints for execution.

We also welcomed several new teams to our early access program and published a new Tara.AI homepage.

Cleaner navigation and a more focused app

We zeroed in on what makes teams productive and removed anything that was a distraction. Tara now has three very focused areas: 

  • Home – Focused on your work, including tasks for the current sprint
  • Requirements – Focused on being the source of truth for development, requirements cover: designs, specifications, user stories, and more
  • Sprints – Focused on turning a plan into execution, our sprints feature makes sprint planning and execution visible and informed. 


We added avatars for individual requirements so you can easily scan for the one you want while you’re updating requirements or planning sprints. 

Create tasks where you use them

We wanted to accelerate sprint planning and now you can create tasks in Sprints, Requirements, and individual sprints. No more context switching just to create a task, you just keep planning and moving.

Cleaner lines and interactions

We polished our tables, modals, and text elements so they are all cleaner and create a more coherent experience. We also found and fixed some interaction bugs that will bring more reliability to everyone. 

Building more insight and guidance

We added a task count to each requirement giving you more ways to plan, track effort, and understand the scope of new development. 

New homepage for Tara.AI

We’re quietly rolling out a new set of pages for our main website. This will give everyone interested in Tara a more accurate picture of the platform. We’ll be growing our user content to include more guidance and best practices using Tara in the coming months. 

Early access

Welcome to our newest teams! We’re so excited that you’re helping us build a better world for software teams.

Release notes

  • feat: Join org on Create Account & Email Verification Fix
  • feat: TaskCount cloud function
  • feat: Pull-requests order oldest first
  • feat: task creation in sprint columns 
  • feat: add requirement avatar to all required pages
  • feat: Remove integration from the denormalized list on uninstall
  • feat: Implement Github application uninstaller
  • feat: add requirement name to sprints backlog placeholder
  • feat: sprint backlog UI updates
  • feat: added the complete sprint flow and sprint dates on the timeline view
  • feat: Import Github issues assignees as task collaborators
  • feat: add GitHub tasks to speechless tasks in sprints backlog
  • feat: move tasks between sprints
  • feat: Migrate old roles
  • feat: Add migration for roles collection
  • feat: add task count to tasks and requirements in the sprint backlog
  • feat: Fix Integration forms
  • feat: sync slack account 
  • feat: empty sprint screen
  • feat: sprint backlog task creation

Bug Fixes

  • fix: sprints unable to complete sprint or set active.
  • fix: Slate debounce and setInterval removed 
  • fix: fixed the menu height and sprints route on the timeline 
  • fix: UI cleanup 
  • fix: completed task styling
  • fix: sprints unable to complete sprint or set active
  • fix: sorting for upcoming sprints 
  • fix: changed to backlog-tasks
  • fix: update GitHub issues for default requirement 
  • fix: Requirement description not saving
  • fix: styling for Slate elements
  • fix: Fix credentials error in migrate cloud function