Release log Feb 20, 2020

This week our team built the framework to add team and individual statistics to sprints, which we’re super excited about. We also laid a lot of groundwork to make it easier to invite people to join your team on Tara. And, we welcomed more teams to our early access program. 

Welcome, everyone!

Team and individual sprint metrics, coming soon!

Our team is very excited about what’s coming soon. We spent the week building our first set of team and individual metrics and they are looking good. What metrics matter to your team? Because we want to build metrics that matter, not that just look good in a screenshot

We’ll be polishing this feature set for a little longer. What you see in the screenshot might be different than what you see when it’s released. We simply couldn’t wait to give you a sneak peek. 

Inviting team members, coming soon to an inbox near you

Adding people to your team is essential for any SaaS platform and our team pushed up big progress on our own invitation system. We added notifications, error messages, and a list of invited people so you can see who’s accepted and who still needs to respond. Oh, and we added resend function for invitations which grow stale.