Release log Feb 13, 2020

This week we focused on more ways to visualize changes and we delivered a better overall sign up and onboarding experience. We’re also continuously expanding the number of teams joining our early access program.  

Tasks and transitions

We improved our task creation flow by adding a new indicator to the task bin so you know when new tasks are added to the backlog. We also added a strikethrough effect for tasks in a sprint in a done state, making it easier to identify at a glance which tasks still need to be done. 

Sign up 

We launched an improved login page and flow that focuses on how users authenticate and join an organization. Making it easier to invite or add people to your team by automatically adding them to your organization when they sign up.

More editing goodness

We improved the responsiveness of our WYSIWYG editor and cleaned up the cursors and display area. Everything you write in Tara should be lag-free and clear.


  • New Sign up Page 
  • New Onboarding flow that makes it easy for users to join an org
  • Improved our WYSIWYG Editor – No more input lag!
  • Added a new way to get notified when tasks get added to a sprint with a cool green glow

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some local store issues where users had data persistence on log out 
  • Aligned our text input cursors #pixelperfectdesign
  • Handle status change updates on our sprint details view 
  • Fixed an issue where users were redirected to the profile on the first login
  • Fixed an issue where assignee may have not reflected correctly on the task drawer
  • Fixed an issue were the task bin didn’t persist for users

Coming Soon

  • GitHub Sync – Real-Time data sync for all your issues on Git
  • Slack Integration 
  • Better Visualizations for your Pull Requests