Release log – December 17, 2019

Sprinting to done in Tara’s insight-driven sprint view

Modern software teams rely on one simple process to get work done, the active sprint. Tara introduces active sprints designed to give software teams actionable insight into their daily progress.

Insights drive success and remove blockers

Sarah (technical lead) and Cathy (product manager) are building a new version of their payments application and just started their next sprint.

Sarah starts running stand-ups with Tara open to Sprint 7, their active sprint. Sarah can see the status of all the tasks and is pleased more than half (4/7) are done and the rest are in a Doing state!

Remove blockers before they block your sprint

Sarah can see that the File optimization task is taking 4 days to complete, most of the sprint. Before asking Miguel about this in the middle of stand-up she sees there is an open pull request for that task. She asks the team what the status of the pull request is and finds out they should close it this morning. 

Sarah thinks that is great because she can see several commits for the File size validation task in the Last Check-in list. She reminds the team the File optimization task needs to be complete in the development branch before they can test the File size validation task.

Sarah can focus on the right things, remove the blockers, and keep her team happy and productive. It should be another successful sprint.

Tune in next week and see how Tara is continuing to build the platform for modern product development.