Release log – December 10, 2019

Sprints and tasks and backlogs, oh my!

In most modern software teams the sprint is the critical transition from project planning to execution. Tara introduces sprint planning to help teams gain more insight and plan better.

In Tara your team can:

  • Quickly get insight into how much effort is in each task and sprint
  • Distribute tasks and effort across sprints
  • View completed sprints in the archive

Backlog, estimation, and sprint planning

Cathy, a product manager, and her team have already used Tara to capture and organize everything they require to build a new version of their payments app. Now they are ready to begin planning sprints and executing toward their goals.

Cathy opens Tara to Sprint, where she can see the backlog and everything they plan to build. She opens payments application v2 and can see all the tasks she created listed inside.

Cathy and Sarah, the team’s tech lead, are grooming the backlog during sprint planning.  They discuss each task and determine who it should be assigned to and verify the expected effort. Then they assign the task to a sprint.

As they groom the backlog, they see how effort is being balanced across sprints. They know how each decision affects each sprint and that they aren’t overloading any specific sprint. Doing this has increased the team’s confidence in their sprint commitments.

Her team is all on the same page and they are ready to start building.

Tune in next week and see how Tara is continuing to build the platform for modern product development.