Our New Universal Search

This week we’re introducing universal search for streamlined planning and organization. Keep reading to learn how it works, along with other improvements from the week.

Search the Work Drawer

Search by keyword, assignee, or label to find any existing task in your Tara workspace with ease. Our newest search updates deliver all matching results in your sprints, as well as the Work Drawer.

The Work Drawer will reveal all congruent tasks in your backlog, requirements, and GitHub repos, as long as you have synced the integration. This includes unplanned tasks, tasks that are active in sprints, and completed tasks. Searching by keyword will automatically trigger the Work Drawer filters, so you can view the origins of a completed task.

Search by Keyword

Searching by keyword is best if used to locate a specific task, or set of tasks, that include said word.

i.e. search “Onboarding” to locate the task “Update onboarding flow”.

Search by @Assignee

View the workload of a specific @assignee, including both active and unplanned tasks.

i.e. search “@teammate” to see their assigned tasks in the sprint and the work drawer.

Search by #Label

Add #labels to similar tasks, so that searching by #label will surface the entire group.

i.e. search “#bug” to view all tickets with the bug label, in your workspace.

Search using Multiple Queries

Combine queries to make your search results even more specific. Simply list one query after another, with only a space between.

i.e. searching “@teammate” followed by “backend” will show all of that assignee’s tasks related to backend.

Assign Requirements

Organizations use requirements to get aligned on project scope. Often times, a requirement project will span multiple teams. In the requirement details panel you can switch the team a requirement is assigned to, or assign it to multiple teams at once. Now teams can plan their tasks in their respective sprints for faster ship time.

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