Our new Sprint UI

Excited to share the new updates to our sprint UI, now released across all workspaces. Your workspace has a brand new sprint interface, allowing teams to zoom through sprints.

This release features a brand new interface to improve navigation and allow for more space between elements. Here are a few of the updates to our UI:

Workdrawer UI

This week, we are introducing a brand new design for the workdrawer featuring:

  • A simplified menu, making it easier to navigate through the drawer
  • Increased font size to improve readability
  • Standardized font colors for a cleaner UI and improved visibility
new sprint UI

We’ve also shipped a new UI for task cards. Task description has been moved to the top, allowing you to identify your tasks at a glance. You can also view the requirement they are attached to, along with the task ID on the bottom.

Additionally, you can now click anywhere on a card to open up the task.

Sprint UI

Sprints have also undergone major visual changes, with added functionality. We’re bringing a simplified look to our sprint page, featuring a cleaner background and increased font size, so you can focus on what matters. Note that you can change the font size using the buttons next to the search bar.

Blazing fast scrolling

To enable a faster navigation experience, we are introducing horizontal scrolling for the sprint page– allowing teams to plan and view sprints quickly. You can view previous sprints with a simple scroll, open older sprints by clicking the Load Previous 10 Sprints button, or jump to the current sprint using the button at top right.

sprint scrolling

Editing sprint details

You can now edit the sprint title with a simple double-click. For example, if you’re running a hackathon, or specifically running a sprint for a release or part of your product, you can now reflect this in your sprint titles.

A new menu has also been added to the top right corner of each sprint, where you can either edit the sprint details individually, or globally.

rename sprints

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Update welcome email.
  • Remove click event causing sprint scrollbar to reset.
  • Fix archived requirements not loading properly.
  • Hide individual sprint settings in sprint view.
  • Fix sprint name and date font size.