Our First Release of 2022

Happy new year! With our first release of 2022, we’re adding new options to auto sprints, improvements to the work drawer, and zoom controls for accessibility. Here’s more:

Auto Sprinting: New Options

Auto sprinting in Tara gives you one less thing to remember, while still making sure to keep your team on track. Now when a sprint cycle ends, incomplete tasks will be carried over into a separate section for quick and easy reorganization. You can choose to drag these tasks back, change their statuses, or keep them in the current sprint.

Zoom for Accessibility

Customize how you view your work with the new zoom control. The zoom lets you change how big or small the page elements appear in Tara. Adjust your workspace to be as thorough or high-level as you’d like.

Work Drawer Improvements

The Work Drawer backlog is great for creating standalone tasks that do not yet belong to a project. We’ve moved the task input into the tasks bin to make finding new backlogged tasks easier. Open the tasks bin, and any others, by clicking either the bin title or dropdown arrow.

Email Verification

For new Tara users, the onboarding process just got a bit simpler. Rather than requiring an email verification after sign-up, you will now be sent directly to the workspace setup page.

Happy New Year to the Tara AI community- we appreciate all of your ongoing support! Our new year’s resolution is to help even more teams Git Ship Done in 2022, so stay tuned for a slew of releases as we meet our goals. 🎉

Bug Fixes and Under the Hood Improvements

  • Fixed “delete task” to “archive task”
  • Fixed issue where carried over tasks could not be moved to empty planned section
  • Fixed issue where page would crash when moving tasks
  • Fixed issue where tasks could not be dragged between sprints
  • Fixed effort level text display
  • Fixed issue where tasks didn’t maintain order when completing sprint
  • Fixed issue where sprint header cog wasn’t being displayed
  • Fixed issue where current sprint wasn’t being focused on empty clicks
  • Fixed issue where requirements weren’t populating
  • Fixed issue where Tara-bot avatar wasn’t displayed in the Activity panel
  • Fixed issue where page would 404 when signing up with email
  • Fixed issue where user was unable to create first sprint in a new team
  • Fixed issue that prevented bucket list from being expanded with a single click
  • Fixed issue where tasks could not be dragged into empty sprints
  • Fixed crash on load of workspace
  • Fixed issue where user couldn’t remove teams.
  • Fixed issue where draft filter was visible in work drawer
  • Fixes issue where learn more button wasn’t navigating user properly
  • Improved grouping for tasks in the sprint column
  • Added link to the task number header that opens the edit task box when clicked

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