Tara 1.0 is a year old! (And dropping a major release)

On April 30th, 2020, we launched Tara AI 1.0 to the world. One year ago, we had an MVP, 50 users, and a shared vision of how we wanted to impact team productivity.

The community welcomed us with open arms. Since April 2020, it’s been a whirlwind of shipping updates and working with our (now) 28,000 users to deliver on our mission of smarter, simpler project management, that consistently helps modern teams ship faster with impact.

The Bay Area team over dinner

With this week’s release, the platform is now 5 times faster in terms of speed. Tasks can now be easily prioritized in the sprint backlog through drag & drop, and task IDs are visible in sprints. We’ve also shipped a host of other improvements. Here’s more:

New: Prioritize tasks with drag & drop

You will now be able to re-order your tasks within a sprint column or within a requirement bin in the backlog. Just select the task and move to organize and prioritize for your team.

With priorities constantly in flux, this feature is designed to help teams sequence their tasks with ease and provide more clarity during sprint planning.

What to expect: we’re working on multi-select to allow users to select multiple tasks and move them as a group. Stay tuned!

New: Filters for Sprint progress

We’re bringing major improvements to your daily standup with the new sprint progress filters. You can now filter tasks by requirement or by assignee in the sprint progress dashboard, enabling a decluttered view of the task timeline.

This will offer visibility into sprint progress on a more granular level, helping teams keep track of individual progress during the daily standup.

Speed as a feature: 5x faster Experience

We look at speed as a feature; our mission is to enable our web app to function like a native app, and we’re continuing to ship improvements on this front.

In this new update, we’ve implemented major infrastructure changes to enable a lightning-fast experience across the platform. With Immediate Move, you can expect a 5x improvement in performance, including load times and stability.

Update: Labels

In this release, we’ve shipped a standardized look to labels, making it easier for you to search and recognize. All task labels will now show up as blue hashtags, delivering a cleaner UI to your workspace. Labels can be added to task titles, task descriptions and you can search by #label in search. Just use “#” to activate a label.

Bonus: you can now include labels in subtasks.

For more information on labels and how to search for tasks by labels, check out this Product Guide article.

Task IDs & other important Improvements

  • Task-ID for task cards: starting from this release task-ID will be displayed on the task card, allowing you to identify tasks at a glance.
  • Fixed a bug where the team switcher did not reroute on the completed sprint details page
  • Fixed an overflow bug in InviteUsersPopup
  • Fixed erroneous sprint dates in new workspaces

Don’t forget to tune in in two weeks for more exciting updates from Tara- our team is working hard to make remote collaboration more fluid for software teams. And feel free to leave us feedback by commenting down below or tweet us @taradotai!