Announcing our most powerful feature yet: Teams

Hold on to your hats. This week’s feature is a big one. We’re excited to unveil Teams to our community, allowing you to manage multiple pods or teams, in one workspace. This is part of our v1.5 unveil series, watch this space for more power-ups in the next few weeks.

[New] Run parallel sprints with Teams.

Teams now enables teams, pods or departments in the same workspace to plan and run sprints in parallel. Collaborating cross-functionally between teams has never been easier:

  • To create a new team, simply navigate to the upper left corner and click on the team icon (next to the org logo). After selecting “Create a team”, just enter a name and add members – you’re now ready to run sprints with this new A-team!
  • To manage teams, navigate to the avatar at the bottom left corner, select My Workspace and go to Teams. You can either join a new team or add a member to an existing one.
  • Last but not least, to switch between teams, from the team icon at the upper left corner select the team you want to navigate to. You will also be able to see all team members on the right of the team name. Tips: add a new team member directly from the Sprint Planning page by clicking on the ( + ) button next to the member list.

Whether you are in engineering, QA or sales, organizing into teams should help you always stay informed and gain clarity around the release cycle.

Other Improvements

  • Major GitHub improvements: in this release, we implemented major improvements to GitHub integration; we now have support for multi-repo imports. We also fixed issues related to GitHub import loop, duplicate tasks after import, or missing GitHub issues in the Backlog column.

Important Bug Fixes

  • Fixed app crash after unselecting assignee through checkmark icon
  • Fixed subtasks drag and drop bug in task modal navigation
  • Fixed empty active sprints page on Sprint Details
  • Fixed Asana tasks with empty titles
  • Fixed PR status not updating
  • Fixed PullRequests sorting on Sprint Details page
  • Fixed blank page caused by cached index

How do you like our new “Teams” feature? Share with us your experience in the comment section below or tweet us @taradotai! And don’t forget to tune in next week- more exciting features for teams are coming!