New: Task Automation with Git Sync

Let’s face it, as engineers, we dislike updating tickets or tasks; it feels like a chore that should be automated. Work happens in source control with pull requests and comments, and your project management or issue tracking should reflect this. This week, we’re announcing an automation feature that brings us closer to a ticketless future: Task Automation with Git Sync.

As part of our Automation rollout, this new feature, available in premium workspaces, enables engineers to save time on manual status updates.

Auto-complete tasks through your source control

Tasks that are linked to Git data will automatically update status based on changes made in GitHub, saving valuable engineering time.

When a pull request is merged inside GitHub, the PR status of the linked task will change from Open to Closed. Upon changes made in the PR status, the Tara bot will immediately update the task’s status from Doing to Done, eliminating the need for manual updates. These changes sync in real-time.

***Note: To link Git data to a task, simply add the TASK-ID to the branch name, commit message, or PR titles. Please see this product guide article for more instructions.***

To see the timestamp at which the status switch takes place, you can navigate to the task activity section of the task details panel.

Task and Git statuses from you and your teammates can be viewed on the Progress page. You can view live briefs on your team’s commits and open PRs to know where your team stands.

We’re hoping that our task automation will solve existing challenges with routine workflows and transform traditional work processes, so high-velocity teams can git ship done 🚀

Other Important Improvements

  • New Card Design: Task-IDs are now located above the task title, making them easier to read.
  • Support for Draft PRs: Pull requests are now tracked from Draft to Open status in Tara.
  • Performant Modals: Our task modal has been refactored for faster load times.
  • New performance improvements for requirement details

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