New Sprint Actions

This week, we’re releasing a brand new look to our blog, and new sprint actions. Plus a sneak peek at a new keyboard shortcut, and you can now view Tara URLs in synced issues inside Github!

More below:

Incomplete Tasks in One Place

At the end of a sprint, we are often left with incomplete or unfinished tasks. We want to make it simple for your team to handle that.

Sprint Actions UI

When a sprint rolls over, all your incomplete tasks will be organized into and detached from other tasks. This allows your team to get an idea of what work is left to complete from your last sprint.

Managing Carried Over Tasks

By clicking on Merge into sprint, you are able to move your unfinished tasks into your new sprint.

Merge Tasks into Sprint

Alternatively, you can choose to send those unfinished tasks back and mark them complete by clicking Move Back.

Move Tasks Back

And no worries, if you still wish to manage unfinished tasks individually, you can do that too.

Drag Tasks Individually

New Features:

  • Sprint Actions. Fully manage unfinished tasks when a sprint rolls over.
  • Close task create box with ESC key. You can now cancel creating a new task by hitting the escape key.
  • Add link to task in synced Github issue. A link to the imported task will now appear in the description of the synced issue in Github.
Synced Github Issues

And, an All-new Blog Design:

We are excited to announce the launch of our newly revamped blog for Tara. With an improved sleek design and polished content structure, our goal is to enhance your reading experience, making it easier to learn more about the future of agile, and keeping updated on our releases.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements:

  • Fix issue where users were unable to switch teams on define page
  • Fix issue with requirements not being created
  • Fix crash issue when deleting team.
  • Fix issue with dashboard tasks not being opened.
  • Fix issue where deleting search bar text wouldn’t clear search.
  • Fix issue where mobile users were unable to login.
  • Fix issue with template tasks vanishing when dragging into backlog.
  • Improve performance when opening and closing a task.