New: Requirements management for teams

This week we’re excited to announce our latest release, which completes our rollout of the new Teams features for Tara. What this means for our users, is a cleaner backlog and easier requirements management. If you have a growing team on Tara, team requirements help split specs by team, and help run a parallel backlog & sprints by team.

New Features and Enhancements

Requirements for teams 

We released requirements for teams so you can easily divide and manage your requirements across several pods or departments. This makes it easier for teams to focus on their assigned requirements and manage their backlog independently.

Assign a team to your requirements

You can now create a requirement and easily assign it to one or more teams. Requirements are also created into your preferred team so you don’t have to assign a team every time you create a requirement. With this feature you can also filter by team on the requirements page. 

requirements management- team assignment

Split backlogs by team

Tara now has a general backlog and a split backlog by Team. Since you can assign requirements to teams, this is now reflected in your backlog. You can easily switch between seeing all your requirements in your backlogs or by switching over to the team you are in. 

requirements management- manage backlog by team

Quick Tip: In order for the backlog to persist to the team you’re on, head over to My Workspace > Teams > Click on Team name your a part of and then select “Set as Preferred Team” 

View sprint progress by team

You can now easily run stand ups and view team progress by using the team switcher on the top left on the navigation. This makes it easier to view PR’s status by team and also enables larger teams to run their own stand ups by using this view. 

requirement management- view sprint by team

Bug Fixes and Under the Hood Improvements

  • With the release of Requirements for teams, the URL slugs were updated and support for older shared links was enabled. 
  • Performance improvements to the Sprint Planning page that decrease memory consumption on safari and chrome. 
  • We also updated our UX copy to make navigating Tara even easier than before.
  • Fixed an issue where the formatting toolbar in requirements were hidden when typing.
  • Added the ability to unfurl wildcard links on Slack.
  • Lots of exciting under the hood changes for our March releases of Labels, Search, and a new Navigation bar. 

All features in this week’s release were requested by the community as our roadmap is led by user feedback. Let us know your thoughts in the section comment below or on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to tune in next week for more exciting updates from our team!