New Release: Performance Improvements for a 2x faster Tara.

As the Tara community continues to expand our team has been working at full speed to fulfill your requests. After releasing some of the most in-demand features, our focus for the past three weeks has been to improve the overall speed and stability of our platform, ensuring an even faster collaboration experience for our users.

Our latest update has hit the app, and just in case you missed them, here’s a recap of all the latest improvements!

Important App Updates

  • Infrastructure changes: we’ve revamped our infrastructure to cater to unlimited users (on our free plan) and enable a lightning fast experience with sprints, tasks and requirements. This has meant a retooling of the platform, however it will now empower our team to deliver features, faster, to your team on the platform. Overall, you can expect a 2x improvement in performance on platform (with load times and overall stability).
  • Disabled Github repo connect button for non-admins: we have updated the GitHub repo connect button so that only a user with admin permission can connect to the repo.
  • Userlinking: provision users of imported tasks from GitHub will be linked with Tara users once the user links his/her Github profile.

Major Improvements

  • Overflowing text in a task card: our team has fixed the issue with overflowing text inside a task card with this update.
  • Fixed UI navigation for sprints and requirements page: some users encountered the issue where they had to back-navigate twice to view previous sprint or requirement pages. This bug has been fixed.
  • User invitation token mismatch: due to invitation token mismatch some users were having trouble accepting the invitation to an org. This issue has been fixed.

Hot Fixes

  • Missing task gallery navigation in requirements
  • Broken task slug view
  • Incorrect timestamps and date helpers
  • Issue with task attachment upload
  • Unable to assign user to task on sprint details page
  • Unable to open task modal from sprints backlog
  • Hot fixes for Github, Trello, and Asana Integration

Don’t forget to tune in in two weeks for more exciting updates from Tara- our team is working hard to make remote collaboration more fluid for software teams. And feel free to leave us feedback by commenting down below or @taradotai!