All New Multi-Workspaces and Git-to-Task Linking for Your Team’s Flexibility.

In this week’s update (spoiler alert: it’s a major one), we’re thrilled to announce multi-workspaces, git-to-task linkage, and other important improvements to enable more flexibility and efficiency. Let’s dive right in.

[New] Easy workspaces designed for your workflow

We spent time thoughtfully crafting a simple workspace experience after listening to teams and individuals running their weekly productivity on Tara. This feature enables users to switch between a personal workspace and their team’s workspace, or to just have multiple workspaces for several organizations, clients or projects.

You can now create, join, and switch between multiple workspaces on Tara. Each workspace contains its own set of data, including requirements, tasks, and sprints, enabling you to split or separate projects between different organizations. 

Switching to another workspace is also easy– all you need to do is to navigate to the left-side menu, and select the workspace name to switch. There are no limits to the number of workspaces you can join on Tara’s free plan.

multi-org support

[New] Linking Git Data to Tasks for development visibility 

And- there’s more! You can now view Git data related to a task in the task modal. To link git data to a task, just add the TASK-ID to the branch name, commit message, or PR (pull request) titles. This new feature will offer teams more visibility into their tasks, enabling them to optimize workload and product delivery.

git to task linking

Other Improvements

  • Brand new setup screen for new users: the onboarding experience just got better with a new setup screen for our first-time users.
  • Upgraded Asana/Trello import: great news- we have improved the Trello/Asana import feature to support up to 500 records per import! Stay tuned – unlimited import is coming  💫
  • Updating workspace names is now a breeze: starting from today users will be able to edit their org name directly on Tara. Just navigate to your avatar on the bottom left, select My workspace and update the org name.

update org name

Important Fixes

  • Incorrect order of past sprints: our team has fixed the issue where completed sprints did not display in the correct order.
  • Crashed sprint reports with no active sprint: some users encountered an issue where the sprint reports crashed when there was no active sprint. This issue has been fixed.
  • Tasks not transferred to backlog upon sprint deletion: we have fixed the error where tasks in a deleted sprint were not automatically moved to backlog.
  • Erroneous sprint overload indicator on first sprint: to avoid confusion for new users, we have removed the sprint overload indicator for the first sprint.
  • Tasks not visible after status change: our team has also fixed the issue where tasks went invisible after users update their statuses.

All features here were requested by the community, our roadmap is led by user feedback. We would love to hear your feedback below or on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to tune in next week for more exciting updates from our team!