Introducing Markdown Editor

The wait is over – we are excited to announce the release of our new editor which includes full support for markdown 🚀 This powerful feature will provide ease of use and more structure to your documentation workflow. Let’s dive in!

Markdown Tools

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that adds formatted elements to text and allows for a clean, easy-to-read document. With our new editor, you will have all the tools you need to add rich formatting and create clean tasks/requirements for your team.


Headers are a great way to organize your document into focused sections. To add a header, type a # followed by a whitespace. The number of # you add will determine what type of header is created.

Headers Markdown

Bold, Italics, and Strikethrough

Bold, italics, and strikethrough are a great way to add emphasis to certain text in your document. To add emphasis to a word, you need to wrap the specific special characters around it.

  • Bold: ** or __ (**Text** or __Text__)
  • Italics: * or _ (*Text* or _Text_)
  • Strikethrough: ~ (~Text~)
How to emphasis in markdown editor
Emphasis Markdown


Lists are a good way to structure and highlight important points of your document. There are two types of lists you can organize items into:

  • To create an unordered lists, you can type a * or - followed by a whitespace.
  • For ordered lists, you can type a number, followed by a . and whitespace. (e.g 1. )
Lists Markdown

Block Quotes, Code Blocks, and Inline Code

There are several ways to organize your text into chunks depending on what you are trying to represent in your document.

  • Representing a quote can be done using the keyword > followed by a whitespace.
  • Code blocks to showcase a snippet of code can be created by surrounding text with three backquotes ```.
  • You can also reference a line of code by surrounding it with a single backquote `.
Quotes and blocks in markdown editor
Blocks Markdown


You can now undo/redo any changes you make to your document! Quickly fix any mistakes using the following shortcuts:

  • To Undo a change, hit CTRL+Z.
  • To Redo a change, hit CTRL+SHIFT+Z
Undo/Redo in Markdown

Manual Markdown Mode

What if you have already created a document using the markdown language? If you wish to copy that document into Tara whilst retaining its formatting. No worries, we have you covered! Using manual markdown mode, this process is painless.

Start by clicking the manual markdown button on the far right of your toolbar to enable manual markdown mode.

Manual Markdown Mode
Enabling Manual Markdown Mode

After switching into manual markdown mode, you can paste your markdown text inside the box. Clicking the manual markdown mode button again will convert the syntax inside the document.

Manual Markdown Mode
Manual Markdown Conversion

Bug Fixes and Under-the-Hood Improvements

  • Adjust drag and drop task elements to prevent collision with workdrawer and past sprint.

Enjoying Tara? Have a feature request? Let us know by sending us a tweet @taradotai!