New in Text Editor: Code blocks and quotes.

Another week, another update! In this week’s release we prioritized performance and UI changes to the platform to improve usability and stability.

Introducing code blocks and quotes in Text Editor

Starting from this update, users will be able to insert code blocks and block quotes in the text editor. This is a powerful formatting feature, that will help teams provide more clarity to requirements and tasks. More to come on this front (hint: we’re working hard on markdown support and inline images).

code and quote blocks for text editor

Auto-sprint start

As a principle, Tara is designed to operate with the least amount of clicks. For users experiencing Tara for the first time, we want to make sure your team can get up and running in minutes. Less time configuring, means more time building.

Starting from this release, new sprints will be created by default. New users can start dragging and dropping tasks into the first sprint right away, saving you valuable time for building and shipping features. 

Restoring Archived Requirements

Accidentally archived a requirement? You can now restore archived requirements easily by navigating to the dot menu on the right and selecting “Restore Requirement”

restore archived requirements

Other Major Improvements

  • Markdown support is now available for Github issues imported into Tara. All formatting will be as is when syncing issues during a bi-directional issue sync.
  • Adjusted UI for dropdown menu in sprints column: we have implemented some UI changes to the dropdown menu of sprints column, making it more visually appealing.
  • Keyboard support enhancement: you can now use the Esc key to close task modals for faster navigation!

Esc key

Important Fixes

  • (Fixed) Task modal refresh issue
  • (Fixed) Task activity log issues
  • (Fixed) Subtask view vertical alignment
  • Additional fixes for new lines, markdown links, block quotes

… and more!

Try out the new features and leave us your feedback on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to revisit next week for exciting updates on the productmore surprises are coming!