Introducing the new engineering dashboard (and smart insights too!)

We’re excited to unveil what we’ve been working on over the last few months. As a team, we’ve been focused on building a platform that helps every software team understand, estimate, and deliver on their development lifecycle. With this latest release, we take a big leap forward, with the feedback from our early access teams and community.

Introducing our new engineering dashboard, 2-way Github sync, and key sprint insights.

Focusing on what matters – a new dashboard built for engineers

Understanding the amount of distractions in a given day for engineering teams, we’ve designed and released a new dashboard for engineers to activate focus state. The dashboard enables you to know your daily priorities in a given sprint cycle, and which pull requests require your review.

A new home for engineers

Specifically, the dashboard will show:

  • Your specific stats for the current sprint (and your team’s stats). These are based on percentage of effort completed, and the number of efforts completed from the overall sprint.
  • Which tasks you’re assigned to (and collaborating on). Clicking on a task opens a task drawer for more information. Quick status changes from dropdown are also enabled.
  • Pull requests that require review. Clicking on review PR opens the specific PR in Github in a new tab.

2- way GitHub integration = smart insights into development data

Once activated, the Github integration enables a tight relationship between Git data and sprints on Tara. No more back and forth between multiple platforms.

Task Management with open issue import:

Issues: In your existing task management instance of Tara, you can now import your open and in-progress GitHub issues as tasks. Tasks will sync with the corresponding GitHub issue whenever you make a change. You can also create new tasks or issues from either Tara or GitHub and we’ll pull them in and sync them. The sync, once activated, is 2-way.

Sprint Insights focused on velocity:

We’ve added two new modules in the sprint insights view – open pull request and commit data for the active sprint. You can now see your team’s active status on current tasks in a simple calendar, alongside PRs and commits.

Tara sprint timeline

Pull requests: Once the git integration is active, the platform continuously syncs with your open pull request data. In sprint insights, PRs are automatically surfaced for your immediate review. This enables you to understand which PRs have either gone stale or are blocking the current sprint. Note: Additionally, PRs are also shown to each individual engineer on their dashboard, that require their review.

Commits: Similar to PRs, the sprint view shows related commits in the active sprint view. 

Build a sprint plan with confidence. Introducing the new sprint load indicator.

We’ve been thoughtfully working to introduce predictability to every part of the development process. Hearing the frustrations around delivering on sprint commitments, we are introducing the sprint load indicator as the first prediction in the Tara platform to help software teams achieve their development goals.

Once your team has completed one sprint on Tara, the sprint load indicator is activated. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Your sprint plan view dynamically switches to show the effort indicator
  • The indicator develops an understanding of your most recent team capacity, based on effort completed in ongoing sprints. 
  • As you plan your team’s sprint, the indicator notifies you if you are overloading your sprint
  • The indicator helps plan sprints that reach completion state more frequently, and enables teams, engineering and product managers to understand their team’s capacity.

There’s more to come for indicators on Tara and we’re excited to see how smart predictions deliver real value to teams.