New: Continuously Create Multiple Tasks

This week we’re introducing the ability to create multiple tasks on end for a more efficient workflow. Keep reading to learn how it works, along with other improvements from the week.

Quick Task Creation

In our previous release, we moved the task input into the tasks bin. To make it easier on our new users, the task bin will now be open automatically upon account creation. This will ensure that the backlog is easy to find and tasks can be created ASAP.

We’ve also made it possible to continuously generate multiple backlog tasks in one go. Once you’ve clicked into it, the task input will remain selected as you quickly type one task after another. When you’ve created all the tasks you need, they can be dragged and dropped into the sprint or remain in the backlog for later.

To quickly edit task details after they’ve been created, click the Task-ID number located on the top left of the task card. The full modal will open for you to adjust effort, add details, assign the work, and more.

Onboarding Updates

Some more good news for our new users- we’ve simplified the onboarding process even further. By removing our three-step onboarding, you’ll be able to enter your new workspace ASAP.

Once there, you’ll see our brand new product walkthrough. This quick tour will help you understand the app and make workspace setup easier. Then before you know it, you’ll be shipping at light speed!

Bug Fixes and Under the Hood Improvements

  • Fixed where GitHub data synced too slow
  • Improved App performance
  • Fixed UX Copy
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to put a task in the first position of a planned Sprint Section after sprints completed.
  • Fixed an issue with invite button becoming disabled after sending email invite once
  • Fixed an issue where users where unable to finish onboarding on Mobile
  • Fixed issues with task creation
  • Fixed an issue where users on free plans received the wrong error message when created a new team.
  • Fixed an issue with changing a task title
  • Increased performance

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