New: Blocked Pull Requests

We are excited to introduce a brand new feature designed to help your team meet sprint and release goals. Engineering managers and developers often spend time trying to identify blockers in their sprint. Source control typically has a clunky interface for showing blocked pull requests, With Tara, your teams now receive notifications on blocked PR’s, so you can merge your pull requests and release faster. Read on to learn more about this week’s release.

Blocked Pull Requests

Tara will keep track of all of your teams PR’s and send admins daily/weekly email alerts if any of them are idle or blocked. All you need to do is link your teams Github repository to your workspace.

Blocked PR Notification

Notifications contain a brief description of the PR, the destination branch, the assigned reviewer, and the delay time. There are three conditions that trigger this notification:

  • PR’s not closed within 2 days.
  • PR’s that have unresolved comments.
  • PR’s not reviewed or do not have a reviewer assigned.

If any of these conditions are met, then Tara will notify the admins of the workspace on a daily and weekly basis. This should minimize the amount of time a blocker can slow down your teams progress.

There are 4 possible statuses for PR’s:

  • Pending – Waiting to be approved by reviewers.
  • Checks-Failed – Checks on PR changes have failed
  • Blocked – There are comments waiting to be resolved.
  • Conflicts – There are conflicts in the PR changes.

This makes it easy to tell, at a glance, which issue is stopping a PR from being merged.

Brand New Onboarding

Free Trial

With the update, we are introducing a new way for users to get familiar with Tara. A 14 day free trial is now available for all new workspaces. This allows your team to try out all the premium features we offer in Tara, no credit card required!

Free Trial Banner


We now have a visual guide for new users to learn how to use Tara efficiently. Tara explains the basic functionality of the app step by step.

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Requirement Highlight

Any new users you add to your workspace will now have an easier time learning how to navigate the app.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Fix issue where the workdrawer would sometimes not mount.
  • Fix the clickable navbar area being slightly too large.
  • Fix Esc key refreshing the page
  • Lighten background colors in Sprint and Define
  • Fix styles that broke the editor toolbar.
  • Fix first time loading for mentions.
  • Allow multiple breaklines and style tweaks in editor.
  • Fix an issue where zoom would sometimes break features of the app.
  • Improve create task performance.
  • Fix load when the org has no labels.
  • Fix a line-height issue in the editor.