New: Allocations, synced with Jira

We’re excited to reveal another long-awaited feature from our engineering team. Starting today engineering teams on Tara will be able to sync Allocations with Jira, to see your team’s work allocation and track initiatives. 

This week’s release also includes enhancements for the Activity and existing Allocations page. Let’s dive in!

How Allocations for Jira works

Allocations is designed to help you see where your team spends their time and where the work is going, while keeping track of team initiatives. 

This feature works by fetching labels associated with PRs in Github (see Allocations for GitHub here) and Epics in Jira. After selecting Jira as your desired integration, all Jira projects will be populated, and you will be able to select the project(s) using the dropdown menu.

For more information on how to set up your workspace with Jira integration, please see here.

Next, you can create initiatives and assign the corresponding epic(s) from the dropdown menu. You can then set a desired allocation goal percentage for each initiative to start tracking your initiatives. 

Set up allocations for Jira

With Allocations, you can instantly spot if a certain category is falling below or exceeding the set target. The Allocations page displays the percentage of work done for each individual initiative, so you can see where your engineering efforts are concentrated and what changes might need to be made. 

We’re hoping that this feature will provide a clear picture of work allocation across different initiatives, so teams can monitor the development and balance the distribution. 

Using Allocations to track engineering investments

With our Allocations feature, engineering teams will be able to answer key questions related to investments, such as:

  • How much workload is spent on each initiative?
  • Are the engineers spending too much time on a specific initiative? 
  • Are we investing more effort in tech debt than intended?
  • Which initiative should our team invest more in? Bug fixes or new features?

By setting good allocation goals, engineering managers can make informed decisions to maintain balanced work distribution across all initiatives.

Activity Calendar Enhancements

We have added a month/week slider and a month view toggle to the Activity calendar. This small UI change will allow you to select the time period directly from the calendar and improve navigation.

New: Edit Allocations & Pinned Allocations

We’re introducing a new allocation modal with functionality for deleting, editing, and pinning goals.

With this feature, you will be able to select the goal(s) that you want to pin and show on the dashboard, edit names, or delete. Simply navigate to the dropdown menu at the top left corner, click on the wheel icon, and select the desired action.

More to come as we continue to grant access to teams.

Request access today.