How leading tech companies are leveraging AI to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges

This post is a summary of a recent technology whitepaper by Mercer, a global consulting company.

Leading tech companies are using AI to automate product management and resource allocation activities.

In a recent technology paper by Mercer, the global consulting and analytics company outlines how technology organizations can remain competitive by preparing for tomorrow’s talent needs. According to Mercer, automation of work in core business functions will become commonplace.

Areas such as product management, software development, and testing are already being significantly impacted by AI platforms and cloud technologies. Expect workstreams to be automated at a global scale.

Tara AI CEO and Co-founder Iba Masood is quoted in the paper, stating the following:

Roles and careers will change. We will see project managers become product managers and HR significantly change from an admin side. As we see these changes happening, we need to ensure that the workforce is encouraged to embrace change rather than be afraid or fearful. That all comes from knowledge.

How are technology companies already leveraging artificial intelligence platforms like Tara AI?

  • Automating product management activities
  • Automating product scoping
  • Automating the building of task lists
  • Staffing for projects with on-demand resources
  • Reducing or eliminating human biases and errors throughout the recruitment process
  • Reducing or eliminating dependency on HR managers to staff projects with the right team

The future workplace is highly intelligent and disruptive technology organizations are leading the way.

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