Announcing Task History, a faster task experience, and new workspace functionality

At Tara, we are firm believers that every single improvement to the platform makes a significant difference to the experience and productivity of our users. After another week of building and shipping features, we are announcing major platform improvements: introducing new task history, faster task modal, and new workspace functionality for a better development experience.

[New] Introducing Task History to Help Your team stay informed on updates

Ever noticed unexpected changes on a task but was unsure when they took place or whom to ask? To offer a solution to this visibility blindspot, we are introducing task history to help your team stay informed.

We designed task history to be minimal with screen space, yet impactful. Users will be able to view the full list of activities performed in a task, from status change to collaborator updates, by scrolling to the bottom of the task modal.

task history

[New] A Faster Task Experience

Another important upgrade to the task modal this week: we have implemented major infrastructure changes to significantly improve the speed of the modal, enabling a lightning fast experience for teams. Open a task or navigate between different tasks of a requirement in milliseconds

Customizing Your Workspace for A More Personalized Experience

  • [New] Change Workspace Color and Avatar

Spice up your workspace with some pops of colors by customizing your work environment! Starting today you can update your workspace color and avatar by navigating to the bottom left menu and visiting My Workspace. Users can enter the Hex color code or select a color in the palette to freshen up their workspaces.

workspace customize

  • [New] Leave A Workspace

If you need to leave a workspace, simply go to My Workspace and select Leave Workspace. After confirming you will be automatically signed out of the platform.

Other Important Updates

  • Ability to link PRs and Commits to tasks by branch names: users will be able to link PRs and commits to a task inside Tara using branch names.
  • New sticky header for requirements: starting from this release we have added a sticky header for each requirement, allowing users to edit long form requirements more feasibly. 
  • Task modals closing out on data updates: we have implemented fixes to prevent modals from unexpectedly closing out on data updates.

That is a quick recap of some major features in this release. Have you given it a try? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so give us your feedback on Twitter @taradotai or in the comment section below!