Built for your velocity: our new Slack app

This week, our Slack app is officially out of beta 🎉 After months of testing with over a 100 teams, we’re unveiling new functionality, designed around your team’s velocity.

Adding tasks from Slack

From now on, Tara users will be able to create a task directly from Slack. To add a task to your workspace, use the command /tara add. This will generate a modal that allows users to enter basic task details including title, description, assignee, and effort.

Note: The new tasks will be added to your workspace’s backlog.

Add tasks from Slack

Alternatively, you can also turn a Slack message into a task. Just hover over the message you want to convert, click on “more actions” on the right, and select Create task from message. The content of your message will be saved as the task description, allowing you to create a task during conversations with teammates.

Convert message to task from Slack

You can also directly add a task without the modal by typing or /tara add [task title]. To quickly set task details, just use the  /tara set [task slug] [field] [value] command. You can set the assignee, effort, title and description of a task.

Feedback and help

To share your thoughts simply type /tara feedback to send your comments to the Tara team. To get help, simply /tara help to view our guide or contact support.

Task & requirement previews in Slack

You can now view snippets of your tasks and requirements in Slack. As you paste a task or requirement URL in a private conversation or channel, the app will unfurl the link, delivering more context on a development issue.

Unfurl links in Slack

With the preview, the task will become actionable from within Slack. You can either view the task or update assignee, effort level or task status by clicking on the Edit button.

More in-app notifications to help teams stay informed

  • Automated sprint reports: When your team completes a sprint, all members of the team will receive a quick report on Slack with information on completed effort, tasks, PRs, and the total number of commits.
  • Notifications on mentions: when someone mentions you in a requirement or comment, you will be immediately notified via Slack.
  • Notifications on new requirements and task comments: with our new Slack app teams will now receive notifications on newly created requirements. Each team member will also be notified when there are new comments on tasks they are assigned to. Stay informed, always.

Can’t wait to try out the new Slack App? Check it out and give us your feedback below or on Twitter @taradotai. A major release is coming to our users, so make sure you come back next week!