Introducing the new text editor, an improved backlog, and more!

In the last release we doubled down on improving the platform stability and overall speed to ensure faster collaboration for software teams. This week’s feature launch is all about the new version of our text editor. Expect several improvements on this front over the next few weeks.

Without further ado, let’s dive in to all of the new features that just hit the app this week!

New Text Editor for Tasks and Requirements

In this release, we replaced the text editor engine to improve the overall user experience and eliminate some of the known issues. Here are the highlights:

  • Preventing lags when users moved cursors or selected text
  • Preserving the markdown format from GitHub and preventing crashes with GitHub imported issues (due to Markdown conversion)
  • Added a notification when another user is simultaneously editing and saving a task or a requirement. This will let users know that data has been overwritten. Note that users will have the chance to save the data as the system will automatically copy the content to the clipboard before any changes take place.
  • Updated styling for bullet points and numbered lists
  • Added strikethrough font style
  • Updated UX around URLs – the system will now be able to recognize a URL. As users click on any link they will be navigated to that URL (on a new tab) or be able to copy the URL.
  • Expect several more improvements to come on this front- with this new text editor we will be introducing markdown and several other powerful new features.

User Deactivation and Reactivation 

Tara admins can now deactivate users! This can simply be done on the platform by clicking on your avatar in the bottom left and selecting User List. You can also update the individual user’s access through the dropdown. The app also have a section to view all deactivated users (alongside currently active, and invited users) in the user list menu.

Create Requirements Directly in Sprint Backlog

To give teams more flexibility while planning their sprints, we have added the ability to create a requirement on the sprint backlog. Simply click on “Create a Requirement” and voila- the newly created requirement will appear at the top of the list. 

Battling a cluttered sprint backlog is every team’s nightmare, especially when newly added tasks/requirements are lost among older ones. To offer teams better visibility we have also updated the requirement list on the sprint backlog so that it is sorted by the most recent, enabling teams to better keep track of their development.

Important Improvements

  • Trello and Asana import empty states were not dismissed properly: our team has fixed the issue where Trello and Asana import prompts did not get dismissed properly. With this new update, they will automatically disappear once there are tasks in the system. Note that they will still remain visible under certain circumstances.
  • Crashed sprint reports when there is no active sprint: some users encountered an issue where sprint reports crashed if there was no active sprint. This bug has been fixed.
  • Unable to assign user to tasks on sprint details page: this is an error where some users were unable to select an assignee from the sprint details page. We have also fixed this issue.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed timestamps and date helpers
  • Fixed sluggish input performance
  • Updated helpers in effort estimation to fix sprint insights indicator and modal footer
  • Updated fuse dropdown assignee and collaborator search
  • Github integrations not showing commits and pull request
  • Fixed dashboard tasks ordering
  • Fixed duplicate task issue when changing status on dashboard
  • Fixed sprint details issues (shout to to Alex Wu for reporting this bug!)

Let us know your thoughts- in the comments below or send us a tweet @taradotai. And don’t forget to tune in next week for more exciting updates from Tara- our team is working hard to help teams stay productive and connected, whether you are in the office or at home!