This week’s sprint: Our UI refresh

This week we’re excited to share our new UI refresh. Our product and design teams worked closely with our developer community to understand how to improve the experience of navigating through your agile process, and intuitively switching from defining a requirement to running your sprint.

In this release log we’ll be highlighting all the new features that come as a part of the new global navigation bar. Here are the 6 main sections of the new navigation:

  • Workspace switcher
  • Mode navigation
  • Active/inactive integrations
  • Team switcher/creator
  • Invite teammates
  • Your profile

new global navigation bar

Workspace Switcher

The leftmost area of the navigation contains the new Workspace Switcher. From here you can easily switch between multiple workspaces, access your settings and create new workspaces. 

Page Navigation 

page navigation

We made it simpler to switch between the 4 key areas of the platform. Our biggest change here is that we renamed Requirements to Define. This was to more accurately describe the action that takes place on that page. 

The order in which the navigation is laid out relates to the process of building software products. That process is Define, Sprint, and View Progress. 

Integrations Status

We added a new bar to the center of the navigation page to highlight and active or inactive status of three of our core integrations. This also makes it easier for some of our new users to set up their integrations and for other team members to understand which integrations are active when they join a workspace for the first time. 

Team Switcher and Creator

team switcher in new global navigation

We’ve decluttered our Team Switcher. We now let you create, edit and delete teams inline. We decided to remove the complexity of multiple modals to create a team and make it a lighter experience. Adding users to a team after they’ve been invited to a workspace now takes place in the Workspace Team Settings which can be accessed here

Invite teammates

Lastly, we also simplified the invite system. You can continue to invite users by email or generate and share a unique invite link. Once users are added to the workspace they can easily be assigned to teams using the Workspace Settings Team Tab

Future Features 

The global navigation was a large endeavor taken on by our design, product, and engineering team to set up Tara for the future. The navigation change is the first in a series of new features that will lead up to Tara 2.0. We’re grateful to all of our users and the Tara community for being a part of this process and look forward to bringing more visibility and predictability into your sprints. 

Bug Fixes and Under the Hood Improvements

  • Updated our Slack Help Message 
  • Added a breadcrumb on the Requirement page to navigate back to the Define Page
  • Fixed layout issues related to the new navigation
  • Fixed a bug where text may have reverted for users trying to edit requirements simultaneously 
  • Added improvements and core code for our new upcoming Labels functionality
  • Added improvements to our text editor and saving pipelines.

Don’t forget to tune in in two weeks for more exciting updates from Tara– our team is working hard to make remote collaboration more fluid for software teams. And feel free to leave us feedback by commenting down below or @taradotai!