Introducing Labels and Search

Following hot on the heels of our recent UI update, we’re thrilled to announce the release of two highly requested features by our community: introducing Labels and Search to enable a more organized workflow and higher velocity for teams. 

Without further ado, let’s look through some of the most important features in the latest update on Tara.

New: Labels for tasks

You asked, we listened! We’re introducing Labels to help teams keep their workflow in line. What we’re most excited about with this feature is the ability for you to visually distinguish and categorize tasks at a glance.

To activate labels for tasks, use a hashtag (#) and enter the label name, or choose from an existing list of labels within your workspace. Note that you can add an unlimited number of labels to a task.

You can use labels in the task title or description- and in a variety of ways:

  • Task type: 

You can use labels to specify task type i.e. #bug, #feature,… This makes it possible for other team members to visualize the types of updates and tasks coming down the line.

  • Task status:

To show what stage the task is in, you can use labels to indicate task status i.e. #in-review, #pending-approval,… This will add an extra layer of information on the task progress and help your teammates stay in the know.

  • Task priority:

Labels can also be used to represent task priority i.e. #P1, #P2, #P3,… Prioritization is central to maintaining a streamlined workflow, and we’re hoping that this feature will help teams easily set priorities and develop a more efficient sprint plan.

What’s in our pipeline: we’re adding Labels to requirements, so keep an eye on our upcoming announcements!

New: locate tasks within sprints with Search

Another exciting feature that hit the app this week is Search. You can now locate tasks in an instant using the new search bar on the Sprint page. Our sprint-wide search framework will allow you to search across sprints and identify tasks based on their titles- in a matter of seconds.

We’re hoping that this new feature will significantly improve team velocity as they navigate through their sprints.

💡 Tip: Labels function like a tagged search term, so you can look for tasks by label type. Simply include a hashtag and you’ll be able to pull up a list of all associated tasks.

What to expect: we’re currently working on V2 of this feature to enable search within the body of the task, so stay tuned!

Other important improvements

  • We fixed a bug that caused some users to lose their admin permissions

These are features that have been requested by our community for quite some time, and we would love to hear your feedback below or on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to tune in weekly for more exciting updates from our team!