New Asana Import, Task Status Filter, and Requirement Search to Empower Remote Teams

The past two weeks have been an exciting time for our team. We’ve seen a significant increase in new teams signing up, and continuous flow of feedback from users around the world. A big thank you to our community for your love and support. We appreciate all your continuous input and feature requests, and we’re hard at work fulfilling them – please keep it comin’!

For this week’s release we’re introducing Asana import, task filtering, and improved task modal navigation to promote fluid collaboration, along with a significant list of fixes and improvements.

Keep Your Workflow In Line With New Asana Import

Introducing our new Asana import to help teams achieve more, without toggling between different platforms. Starting today, you will be able to import your Asana tasks into Tara. To use this feature, simply export your Asana tasks as a CSV file. Navigate to Integrations, select Asana Import and import the CSV into Tara.

All your incomplete Asana tasks will now show up in your backlog (completed tasks are not imported). The author will be designated as the user that imported the task, and date of creation will be the date that the task was created in Asana.

As a note, imports work with free and premium versions of Asana 🎉

Organize Your Task With The New Task Status Filter

Ever wished you can locate all the to-dos while sifting through a multitude of tasks in a requirement? You can do so by using the new task status filter in a requirement page. 

Search For A Requirement by Title or Author

Our new search functionality will make looking for a requirement a breeze. Users can now search through the requirement list by the requirement title or author using our new search bar. 

New: Uploading Your Profile Picture 

Add a pop of color and personalization to your workspace by uploading a profile photo. Simply navigate to My Profile, hover on your avatar card, and upload your favorite picture. Show off your best headshot or that cute baby Yoda avatar to teammates!

If you work in an org with several team members with the same name, this feature will come in extra handy. We hope this will enable teams to identify task assignees at a glance while bringing a fresh, more personalized look to their workspace.

Other Improvements

  • Added password reset functionality on user profile page: User can now reset password from the user profile page.
  • New default sort order for requirement list: Requirements are now sorted by last updated date, starting with the most recent. 
  • Improved keyboard operability on user dropdown: The assignee selection dropdown is now fully operable via keyboard.
  • Improved task modal navigation: if a task is deleted on the task page, the modal will be closed and the user will be redirected to the homepage.

Important Fixes

  • UI bugs with the sprint timeline: Some users encountered bugs related to the platform interface such as the misalignment of the “current day” bar or double status bars. These issues have been resolved.
  • Erroneous time on the last updated date for the requirement: Our team has fixed the bug that caused incorrect timestamps for newly created requirements. Shout-out to Ciro Nunes for reporting this! 🙌
  • Removal of the delete button of a completed sprint: We believe that no completed sprint should ever be deleted in a system of record. While we never provided the deletion capability, the delete button was on the completed sprint columns. We have removed that button to avoid confusion.

These are features that have been requested by our community for quite some time, and we would love to hear your feedback below or on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to tune in bi-weekly for more exciting updates from our team!