Introducing Drag & Drop, with our new task drawer for increased remote productivity

For this week’s update, we’re excited to announce the release of most-requested features from our user community: drag and drop. And we’ve also released a new UI for our task drawer along with an updated sprint report to enable an efficient, data-driven workflow. Let’s dive right in.

A Brand New Look for Our Task Drawer 

Tara is crafted by a team of artisans with the needs of remote software teams in mind. We put a lot of thought into our design process- how to address user concerns and translate their feedback into meaningful improvement. The result is a new task drawer featuring a stacked interface.

Meet Tara’s updated task drawer, a task detail modal with stacked interface and updated features

In addition, users will also be able to:

  • See task ID and task author (located on the top of the task modal)
  • Assign effort level for each task in days (which enables the sprint load indicator)
  • You can now Tab through and quickly switch between sections to reduce time spent filling out the task drawer.
  • As a reminder, tasks can also be added inline, and you can quickly run through tasks by pressing enter, in requirements view.

Bonus: We are also working on keyboard shortcuts for the task drawer, which will be released in the next few weeks. Stay tuned 🙂

Organizing Tasks with Ease with the New Drag & Drop Feature

Starting today you will be able to assign tasks to different sprints with the new drag and drop feature. In the sprint planning view, just select a task, drag, drop, and repeat for other tasks in your backlog.

With priorities constantly in flux, drag and drop is designed to accelerate tasks from your backlog during sprint planning – especially as teams look to reduce the number of tasks in their backlog and requirements. We’re working on more improvements on this front for remote teams consistently organizing on the fly- stay tuned!


New Sprint Report: The Added Data Layer for Your Sprints

Behind every successful sprint stands a great team. In this release we are introducing a brand new sprint completion report to unveil the stats behind each sprint, capturing what your A-team has accomplished including:

  • Completed tasks
  • Total effort
  • Total commits
  • Closed PRs

An updated sprint view with a real-time report

Whether your team is large or small, it is always beneficial to understand how your team is driving the work towards completion. This is where the new sprint view comes into play. The additional team-level data provides greater visibility into the performance across the org, enabling teams to better understand their development velocity. 

Other Improvements

  • Updated toast messages and loading bar: users will receive toast notifications while importing files or completing sprints.
  • Sprint header visual update: our team has made some visual changes to the sprint header.

Important Fixes

  • “Connect to Github” button on the user profile page: some users encountered the issue where the Github button was disabled, preventing them from signing into Github from the Tara profile page. This issue has been resolved.
  • Missing commits: having trouble viewing all commits of the current sprint? Our team has fixed this issue where commits were not properly displayed.
  • Current sprint data not shown on homepage: We have fixed the issue where task data on the homepage did not update in a timely manner.

We would love to hear your thoughts – share your feedback on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to revisit next week for more exciting updates on the product.

Off to the next sprint!