Interview: UnderGrad Success co-founder Samuel Hershberger

Undergrad Success is a community that helps students succeed in their academic, professional, and personal endeavors. We speak with Samuel Hershberger, the co-founder of Undergrad Success, to find out what makes him tick.

To start off, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 23-year old budding serial entrepreneur. I enjoy personal development, all things social, men’s fashion/style, and photography.

So you’re actually an industrial engineer and even worked for The Boeing Company, can you tell us how that led you to become an entrepreneur?

My business partner Jessica and I were tired of seeing our peers struggle. Individually, we had helped a few students with their resumes, which resulted in dozens of job offers collectively. That’s when we realized that we had a knack for connecting with our peers/friends and were able to bring out the best in them on their resumes. Ever since then the idea of building something great has pushed us every day.

What is UnderGrad Success and what does it do for future graduates?

We develop undergraduate students into “ideal” job candidates. We help students define their version of success and empower them to prepare for their graduation.

What in your opinion are the most pressing issues that undergraduates are facing at the moment?

We have been told growing up that a degree is enough to get a job. Simply, it’s untrue. Getting a good job when you graduate requires work experience and soft skills, e.g. networking, effective communication, etc. that aren’t often taught in school.

“We are your peers. We are each other’s mentors. Together, we are Undergrad Success.” Tell us a bit about your motto.

Undergrad Success is founded by Generation Y and our audience is Generation Y. It is our belief that all great relationships are a balance of friendship and mentorship. We are creating a self-stimulated community of Generation Y and our communities. Creating and fostering great relationships is a must to successfully do this.

There are a few articles on your website about how having a strong academic background does not guarantee job success. What do you mean by that?

Ultimately, your GPA does not guarantee you a job. The “real world” thrives on people who think outside the box, have strong communication skills, and execute relentlessly. A strong academic background will certainly help in your endeavor, but you must also have the soft skills and work experience we get through internships.

Can you tell us about any additional services that you provide?

We currently offer small career based services: resume builds, LinkedIn profile builds, as well as consultations for each. We expect this to be short term, as we are developing student development programs on campuses across the country as well as corporate outreach programs.

What would be your advice for current undergraduates who are still at university?

Don’t underestimate the power of communication and networking. Your ability to connect with another human being will have a much more profound effect on your future job search than your resume ever will. Get involved with national organizations. Student organizations are great, but go to a national event and you’ll be highly regarded just for being one of very few students there. My co-founder Jessica and I have gotten job offers on the spot. Most of all, work hard but enjoy your time. The “real world” begins in college. Don’t wait to start preparing.


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