Announcing Our New Release: Improvements to Requirements, Tasks and More!

Firstly, we can’t thank you enough. With the release of our open beta yesterday, we’ve received an overwhelming response from the community (and we’ll be sharing more on this in the next few days). We have taken the most immediate feedback into consideration, and we can’t wait to share with you a new update with major improvements to our existing features.

Introducing the new archive tab, updated task modal, new UI for the sprint column, and more!

Introducing New Archive Tab and Updates to Task Table

For this week’s release, we are rolling out significant improvements to our requirements page. Our team has heard multiple requests for an archived requirements tab from our user community, and we’re excited to introduce this new feature today! Users can now archive an inactive requirement by clicking on the kebab menu and select Archive Requirement. These requirements will then be stored in the Archived tab, so users can always access and review them later.

Teams can sometimes lose sight of important requirements as they create new ones after each iteration. We hope this new feature will help prevent this bottleneck, allowing teams to better organize their workspace and achieve max efficiency in their planning.

Additionally, we have added two additional columns to the task table to reflect task ID and sprint number. Using the search bar users can now search for a task using its ID.

Updated Task Modal for Better Insights

Along with our requirements page, we have also made updates to our task modal by adding new features to deliver more insights to teams:

  • A small icon will be added to reflect whether a task is imported.
  • At the top left corner of the task modal window, we have added the sprint number and task counter, allowing teams to better keep track of their progress.
  • Sections that are being edited by users will be highlighted.

New Features for Sprint Columns

Yes- more updates are coming to you! Our team has also added new functionality to the sprint columns to help you gain visibility into team performance. Users can now view the sprint progress by simply clicking on the sprint title. Additionally, the sprint effort indicator has been updated to show users completed effort versus total effort. 

We understand that tasks can sometimes appear ‘out of thin air’ so to speak, during sprint planning. To enable users to create a task and assign it to a teammate on the go, we have decided to update the task card in our sprint columns. Users will now be able select an assignee directly from the sprint page: simply click on the button located to the right of any task card, select your teammate, add, and you’re good to go.

Added Single Sign-on for Microsoft Emails

For users from our community with Microsoft email domains (i.e., or you will now be able to log into Tara using the single sign-on option today.

Important Improvements

  • Update to the Homepage PR Table: for users that have not yet connected with GitHub the Pull Request table on the Homepage has been updated to show you the two (simple) steps for Github sync.
  • Issues with Duplicate Invitation: our team has implemented a quick fix to prevent users from double-clicking the “invite” button which leads to duplicate invites.
  • Erroneous Task Stats in Completed Sprint Reports: in the completed sprint reports, the shown completed efforts and tasks will match with what is displayed in each sprint.
  • Effort Overload Indicator Calculation: Our team has fixed minor errors in the calculation of historical efforts, ensuring the accuracy of the effort overload indicator.

We hope you enjoy these new updates to your Tara workspace. Feel free to share with us or feedback by dropping us a line in the comment section below or on Twitter @taradotai!