Update: Gitlab integration, now with more insights delivered.

This week we’re highlighting our Gitlab integration, and the most recent updates to help teams with Gitlab as their source control. You can now tightly tie in commits and PRs and their status, with tasks in sprints.

[New] Gitlab Integration for Teams

By adding Gitlab to your workflow, teams will gain better visibility into ongoing commits, merge requests and upcoming releases inside Tara, alongside their sprints and tasks.

To enable the Gitlab integration, head to My Workspace, go to Integrations, and click on Connect to Gitlab. Note that only workspace admins can enable the Gitlab integration.

Upon connecting, you will see a popup with instructions:

Note that you will need to navigate to your GitLab Projects page and, under Webhooks Settings, paste in Tara’s Webhook URL along with the Secret Token to finish the integration.

Once the sync is in place, your Git data will be synced and your team will be able to see merge requests, branches, and commits in the task modal. To link your data to a task, simply include task ID in the branch name OR commit message OR merge request titles.

For merge requests, any changes made to the request status will be automatically reflected in the corresponding task in Tara, delivering visibility to your development progress.

Other Improvements

  • (Fixed) Issues with bullets in the text editor
  • (Fixed) Crash after workspace deletion
  • (Fixed) Intercom initialization and other issues
  • UI changes for Sprint Planning page

We would love to hear your thoughts – share your feedback on Twitter @taradotai. And don’t forget to revisit next week for more exciting updates on the product!