Gartner’s Top 2017 Roadmapping Tools includes Tara

We’re excited to announce that Gartner is featuring Tara AI in the 2017 Gartner Market Guide for Product Roadmapping Tools.

Project Management is evolving into Product Management

“Many application leaders are shifting from project to product management, but lack the means to plan and manage products effectively. Some are struggling to keep application development plans up to date with changing business requirements that demand innovative technologies.”

“Product roadmapping tools serve a more comprehensive, cross-business purpose. To improve collaboration with business stakeholders, they record and measure product management tasks by ranking ideas, collecting feedback, tracking feature changes, and providing data-driven analytics that help define better roadmaps. They may also offer sharing of centralized notes, access control provision, report generation, as well as service extension via APIs.”

Two years ago, our team of machine learning engineers along with product specialists set out to create a new method of automating aspects of software development. We quickly realized that building extensive machine learning models that continue to scrape, mine and predict project outcomes in open source repositories, produced dynamic product roadmaps.

Gartner’s Predictions

According to Gartner, by 2020, digital business leaders will move from project management to product portfolio management. By 2022, over 50% of product managers will rely on product roadmapping tools to improve planning and communication with IT and business stakeholders.

Today, Fortune 500 companies use Tara AI to predict outcomes for iOS apps, data analytics dashboards and large enterprise integrations. We’re excited to be a part of this transformation, as we add more features and tools to our enterprise suite. Utilizing AI to help speed the process of software development is our mission.

Thank you

We’re grateful to our enterprise customers for recommending Tara AI for the Gartner Market Guide. Stay tuned in this space for more news on our upcoming partnerships!