Dubai Future Accelerator Selects Tara AI to Solve Future Challenges

Tara AI will be participating in the third edition of the Dubai Future Accelerator (DFA) program beginning on October 1st.  DFA is an intensive 9-week program pairing the world’s most exciting technology companies with leading government organizations to create transformational solutions.

Tara AI’s Background

Formerly Gradberry, Tara AI is shaping the future of work by creating a meritocracy in software development. Our algorithms analyze over 120 data points on developers’ code, ranking them based solely on their abilities and experience. Leaving all biases out guarantees surfacing of the best talent, and Tara AI also assigns them to software projects within 24 hours. Tara also uses AI to speed the development of software products through automated project scoping and performance management. The combination of DFA’s vision and Tara AI’s technology will make this a powerful and strong partnership.

Dubai Future Accelerator

The mission of DFA is to design and create the future, facilitating partnerships between forward-thinking entrepreneurs and the government. We’re even more excited to be back in Dubai where we began our journey to shape the future of work.

The DFA program enables thirteen entities of Dubai to share their challenges with startups while working on solving them. Participating entities include Emirates, Dubai Police, and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the latter which will be engaging with


RTA and Tara AI at Dubai Future Accelerator

Roads and Transport Challenges

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is responsible for planning and executing transport and traffic projects in Dubai, preparing legislation and strategic plans, developing other integrated solutions of road system and marine network that are safe and in line with the city’s economic development plans and the highest international standards. As a result of this program, RTA will leverage Tara’s AI technology and apply them to fulfill their vision of building safe and smooth transport for all citizens of Dubai.

DFA is the most attractive government-supported accelerator program in the world due to its size and scope. DFA is part of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF). The submissions cover a range of innovative ideas that seek to shape the future of key sectors, find effective solutions to the challenges facing the future of Dubai, transforming them into opportunities for sustainable development, and, ultimately, creating a better life for future generations.