New: Daily standups with Git Status

Happy holidays! This week, we’re thrilled to announce the release of brand new Git status updates along with other performance enhancements to enable a seamless workflow for your engineering teams.

You can now run daily standups in the new year, with task statuses showing whether a PR is blocked, merged or closed.

New: Pull request statuses in your tasks

This release features 3 new task statuses on the sprint details page which are directly associated to your Git data. For all tasks that are linked to Git data, you will be able to see 3 additional statuses: PR blocked, PR merged, and PR pending. This should help your teams during daily and weekly standups, to understand whether a task or PR is blocked or closed/completed.

  • PR pending: pull/merge requests that are pending review.
  • PR blocked: pull/merge requests that don’t pass status check or code review.
  • PR merged: pull/merge requests that have been successfully merged. These PRs will be reflected as “Closed” in the task modal.

***Note: To link Git data to a task, simply add the TASK-ID to the branch name, commit message, or PR titles. Please see this product guide article for more instructions.***

Git status for daily standups

When the above actions take place on GitHub the task statuses reflected on the sprint details page will help you communicate and identify potential roadblocks and PR’s needing attention at a glance.

To see the timestamp at which the status switch takes place, simply go to the task activity section of the task modal.

As you log into Tara and navigate to the Sprint Report page, you will also be able to see all the tasks and their Git statuses.

We are hoping this feature will bring improvements to your daily standup, enabling teams to see the true status of the task — what is happening inside Github. Stay tuned for more updates; this is the first of our automation workflow releases, and there’s more in store for automation in 2021 in your Tara hub.

Other Important Improvements

  • (Fixed) broken requirement description update action
  • (Fixed) requirements page sticky header width
  • Removed deactivated users from teams
  • Added integration to navigation menu options
  • Added “Teams” column and selector to the requirements list page

Don’t forget to tune in in two weeks for more exciting updates from Tara- our team is working hard to make remote collaboration more fluid for software teams. And feel free to leave us feedback by commenting down below or @taradotai!