Premium Workspaces for growing teams.

We launched Tara AI to everyone, almost 13 months ago. The response was overwhelming to say the least, with an outpouring of support and love letters sent via our live chat. We set about building the simplest product development platform, that anyone could use, to git ship done. Our goal was to allow small teams to run sprints, manage tasks and collaborate on product, while synced to Git. We strived to bring instantaneous loads in the web app, and ensure small teams could collaborate from anywhere on software development.

In this next evolution, we’re now aiming to support larger workspaces and teams, that are continuing to build and grow on Tara. Our largest workspaces today now have over 50 engineers and 100+ team members collaborating together and shipping with velocity, and while we expected this to happen much later in our product’s evolution, we’re thrilled to see the level of investment and support from organizations. We strongly believe that empowering creators & builders contributing every day, is the best way to make a difference. To date, people have created over 240,000 tasks & issues in Tara.

Today, we’re announcing Premium workspaces 🚀 for larger teams. Premium offers automation, and powerful integrations, and is now available for teams to explore. 

What is a Premium workspace?

Premium workspaces on Tara are designed for multiple teams running parallel sprints, defining requirements, and rapidly developing products. A premium workspace provides flexibility with powerful team organization, automation around PRs and task statuses, along with sprint history. 

What’s inside?

Multi-team support

teams for premium workspaces

If you’re a fast-growing org with several departments or teams, our premium workspace, which comes with a suite of Team features, will help you manage workflow across several pods and run a parallel backlog & sprints. It supports up to 5 teams and is suitable for small to medium-sized startups with lighter org structure. 

More powerful Git sync

Yes- our Premium workspace comes with upgraded Git integration to support the growing needs of our existing users. With our free plan users can sync up to 2 synced repos and 100 open synced issues each, but if you’re on premium you can sync up to 20 synced repos with unlimited synced open issues. 

Task statuses automated via pull requests

Automation in premium workspaces

Our Premium plan features powerful automation features, such as automated task status changes and sprint load predictions, to help you save time on manual tasks and have more time for shipping products 💫 We will be officially announcing our first premium automation feature next week, stay tuned.

Multi-sprint planning & search, plus sprint history

With our premium workspace, users can plan multiple sprints in one go and view sprint history. It also comes with our Search feature, which allows you to search across sprints and identify tasks based on their titles, labels, or assignees- in a matter of seconds.

Unlimited custom labels

While customized labels are supported in all workspaces, you will be able to create unlimited custom labels with a premium workspace. Labels are a great way for you to visually distinguish and categorize tasks at a glance- you can use them to denote task type, task status, or priority. 

Other notable features 

  • Unlimited tasks in sprints
  • Linked workspaces
  • Admin and user roles
  • Priority support
  • Up to 250GB storage
  • Early access to new features

[Hot] Coming soon to Premium

  • Projects
  • Commenting for requirements
  • Draft & versioning for requirements
  • Releases, deadlines, and milestones 
  • Dependencies, resourcing, sequencing, and in-flight scenario modeling 
  • Burndown, kanban, table, and additional views 
  • Auto, asynchronous standup
  • Auto-prioritization for personal productivity 
  • TaraSmarts™ filters & slippage alerts
  • API Access & support

If you want to see the full plan comparison, visit our pricing page.


Our premium workspace starts at $12 per user per month if you’re on a monthly plan. However, you can choose our annual plan and pay only $8/user/month, which means saving 33% on the plan.

Of course, our base plan will continue to be the most powerful free plan in project management, continue to offer unlimited seats, unlimited tasks, requirements, and continue to empower teams across the world.

Have new feedback or feature requests on Tara? Join the discussion in our official Discord server, Git Ship Done 👉